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It all started in the summer of 2002 Wayne E-mailed me asking if we can meet in NC when I came down. I said sure and after a few E-mails we thought Hey why not make this a get together. We liked the thought of meeting some of the members from the board so Patty & I post about the get together. Patty did most of the work to get this going and I have to say it was the best thing that has ever happened. Thank you Patty and Wayne for all your hard work all these years.


So during the next few moths we heehawed around on a date in Oct. After all the input from the ones that said they would come we picked Oct 11th as the cookout.


The originals members of the group that meet this year was Patty & Wayne, Ron and his family, Gary and his family , Dave T., , Ken and his family and my dad and me Carl. We even had our first anneal Rock Swap that night. We all had a great time and decided as a group to make this an annual event.


As the years are going by the get together's are getting bigger every year with other members of the board wanting to come and meet other rock hounds from the board.


Click on the links below to read each years events of the get togetherís along with my Trip reports that I went on.


First Get Togerther 02Minerals from 03Spring Get Togerther 03Fall Get Togerther 03Spring Trip 04Iowa 05Iowa 07IN Geodes 07NC Trip 07Iron Mines WIWest Trip 05Diamond Hunters Ray Mine MineralsRay & Crab Tree Mines NCMason Mountain Mine NCVulcan Quarry 06Vulcan Quarry 07ND Trip 07UP of Michigan 2012UP Michigan June 2012UP Michigan June 2013Upper MI Outing 2014not used yetnot used yet


Written by Carl Mauritz




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