My Talk At The Greenbush GPAA Chapter



On Feb. 10th I was invited to give a talk about Gems. They wanted to know what they looked like in the rough to the faceted gem. We left home at 8:30 AM to stop in Oshkosh to show my Gem Stones to a group of children all so that I was asked from Donna Nolte that is the head person of the group. On the way down to Oshkosh I stopped on hwy 45 south of New London, WI to do a little rock collecting but I couldn't stay for time was sort.

This is looking south on hwy 45.

We got there at around 10:00 AM and I set up my gems for the children to see. When the Jeweler was done giving his presentation about gold, silver and tungsten wedding bands Donna asked me to set up the Gems up front for the club to see and to ash me questions about them. Every one looked at them and thanked me for bringing them for them all to see. We got done around 12:15 PM and went to the Truck Stop on hwy 26 to meet Donna there so she could ride along with us down to the Greenbush meeting.

We got down there early and had to wait a bit for the hall to open up and to find the right place that we had to be at. At 2:30 people started to show up and we took our stuff in and started setting it up on the table that Ron told me to use. After the main business part of the meeting I was to give my talk. I was nervous for it was my first talk ever that I had to give about Gems and Minerals LOL. I gave my talk and man I had to answer a lot of questions that they wanted to know about. I even showed them some Geodes from the Keokuk area for at the end of Feb. a group of them are going down there to collect. I showed them Gems in the rough and the faceted Gems. I had every ones attention through out my talk. After I was done giving my presentation Ron told me to go first in line for the pot luck dinner that they have every week. But I said I'll get some later for folks started to ask me questions right away. I even had some folks bring up stones and Gems they have for me to ID for them and what I thought of them. One of the gals that came up turned out to be a old friend from work at OMC Manawa, WI. She didn't know me at first till I told them I use to work at OMC. After my talk she came back up and gave me a big hug and told me the her husband John and passed away about 10 years ago. I worked with John in Shipping there. After my talk they drew door prizes and then the raffles. I only got a door prize LOL. I bought a bag of Gold dirt from the club, one of the bags has a .64 gram Gold Nugget in it. I haven't gone trough mine yet. I finally got a chance to eat but most of the food was gone by that time LOL. OH well no pizza this time for me but I did get some Shrimp. Every one loved my talk and gave me a big applause and thanked me for coming down. Of coarse I joined this great group of folks and will be back down there again. I donated some begs of minerals for the children and a box of minerals to the Club for door prizes. One of there other members Nugs - Rick is from the GPAA Chapter Tomah that I belong to. Gold Miners are another great group of folks to be with. We got home around 9:00 PM.