Bascombe "Bessey" Bennett


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This page is in honor of a great North Carolina Miner from Burnsville. Bascombe "Bessey" Bennett He had passed away (date is still pending) Bessey will be sadly missed by all rock hounds. he let rock hounds park there cars on his lawn for $2.00 and he loved to talk to folks about the mines in the area that he had worked at thought the years. The rhododendron and azaleas are beautiful around his small house

Bessey had worked at the Ray Mine, Tar Heel Mica Mine, Mass Cello Mine and others in the area from when he was around 15 years old. God bless you Bessey we will sadly miss you.



Bessie's home near the Ray Mine where he had worked when he was young    



Some of Bessey flowers




Bessey Bennett and is dog on his porch of his small home.





 News clipping of the Tar Heel Mica Mines    





  Bessey Bennett and Cattail Mine