RIP Baby 10-27-2011


Today I had to bury my best friend Baby she was born 1998  and she was to go to A guy that was a paraplegic but he wanted us to train her to go on a pad for he couldn’t get her out side when she need to go out. Well when he was ready to take her mom took her over and the next day when mom went over to take care of him he told mom she might as well take her back home for she wouldn’t eat or anything so mom brought her back home and baby went right over to the food dish and started to eat. Then to my surprise she stuck to me she then became my pet. She loved to go for rides in the car and go with me where ever I went. When I would go up to the garden to work she would come along and play up there. We’d take her fishing with us a lot all so.


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These last two are the last pictures I have of Baby on 10-26-2011 Rest in peace Baby. I miss you