2nd Annual Gold rush Days 2009


We had another great Show this year. Lots of fun and great folks came to see the show and had fun.

I got in at 7:00 AM Saturday morning early to set up our stand. It was only in the low 60's.  I didn't see Randy around so I had to go find his tent and get him up. LOL We got set up by 8:50 AM in time for the show opening at 9:00 AM. We had lots of people stop in and buy from us. After the show ended we eat supper and then went and sat by the camp fire with a few friends for awhile. Then I was asked to go by some other gold members site and I was there till 11:15 PM before I went to bed. We all had a ball telling old stories of our past. Robert's was the best one for he had us all laughing so hard.

I got up at around 6:00 AM and had breakfast before I went to the both to get things dried off from the dew from the night cool air. It was foggy, damp and cool  before the show opened up. The sun came out around 9:30 AM and I started to warm up for where I slept for the night didn't have any heat or lights.  Man that sun felt gooddddd LOL. Again we had lots of people stop by and bought things from us. After the show e tour down the both and packed up the cars. We then went and took down the tent that Randy was in and I said my good bye's and left for home around 6:30 PM.

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Clubs displays

Treasure Hunts


Mike's Gold Panning Champion Awards

Members dressed up in the old days of gold mining

Gold Panning Competitions Saturday

Gold Panning Competitions Sunday

Misc. pictures


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