Upper MI Trip Report Wausau Prospectors Gold Club


There was no meeting this month. We had an outing in the UP for a copper hunt in Hancock, MI. We left home on the 7th of June for Hancock, MI at 7:00 AM and we got up there at 1:00 PM ET. After we set up the camp we went and visited with Rick & Peggy Gremler then when Kurt and Barb got in and set up we stopped over to see them for a bit. That evening they came to our camp and sat by the camp fire that Randy made. We talked and made plans for the next day on where to go.


Friday June 6th

The next morning we went to the Central Exploration Mine to look for goodies. We spent around 3 hours there and it rained on and off near the end. I found rocks with Greenstone in them, some Datolite and 1 piece of Calcite along with some other rocks. Rick found a nice Phrenite and a drill rod from around 1920 and gave them to me. (THANK YOU Rick) Randy, Rick and Kurt found lots of copper in the mine dump. Then we went to the Delaware Mine to look at it and one of the mine dumps. The next stop was to see the Cliff Mine then we stopped at Slims to eat. That night we had the rest of the group over for a bon fire again and had some great wine. We talked about when we had to meet up with Dan the next morning and some of us didnít get to bed till around 11:00 PM LOL.

 These pictures are of the Central Exploration Mine dump Central Exploration Mine

Minerals and a drill rod found at the



Phrenite found by Rick Gremler  Phrenite


Drill Rod found by Rick Gremler


This is the Delaware Mine

Here is the Central Mine dump what is left of it.

 Saturday June 9th

We got up at 6:00 AM and got ready for the big day and went to the park to meet Dan. First stop was at the Centennial Mine #6 and it goes down over 2 Ĺ miles and Dan gave a talk on the history of the mine. The mine started around 1920. Then we got to look around for a few minutes for copper. The next mine we went to was the Wolverine Mine to find Copper, Silver, Greenstone and Copper included Agates. Randy got three 5 Gallon pails full of Copper. The rest fond a lot of good copper and copper included Agates. Randy found a real cool Core drill sample; it is thought to be the first one ever found there. It maybe hand drilled in the early days. Next stop was to the Cliff Mine to look around for goodies. Dan gave a talk about the history of the mine; there were four shafts at this mine. And then they went in to the mine dumps. There were some chisel points found by Kurt, Rick, Dan and Bob H.; along with a Shovel head found by Dennis and a gear catch tool of some sort found by Bonnie & Joel; Spieth.

Every one is meeting at the park and getting ready for the day outing to the mines.

 This is the Centennial Mine #6

This is the Wolverine Mine

  This might be the first ever core drill sample ever found here at the Wolverine Mine

This is the Cliff Mine

This chisel point was found by Dan Erickson at the Cliff Mine

We got back to camp and every one had to shower and clean-up be for we went to the park to have our cookout at 5:00 PM. Dan Erickson donated a bag of Gold from Chicken, AK to the one who found the most chisel points and the winner was Rick Gremler by hair betting Kurt out LOL. Thank you Dan for the nice donation. After we eat Kurt gave a short meeting talk. The food was great and a great time was had by all who came to the UP.


  Every had a great time at the club cookout.

Sunday June 10th

On Sunday most have left for home and few of us stayed the night. We went to look for more copper, the first stop was the Centennial Mine #6 but we didnít stay long there. Next we went back to the Wolverine Mine for a few hours till it got to hot. Randy got another few pails full of copper LOL. Next we headed to Copper Harbor and stopped at a small Agate shop and had a nice talk with the owner. Next we drove along the lake shore and stopped at a few places to look for whatever we could find. Bonnie and Joel found a few Lakers and we took pictures of the areas. We got back to camp around 5:00 PM and Randy and I invited everyone to come over for super and to sit by the fire.

  Wolverine Mine

Our drive along Lake Superior looking for Agates and what ever else we could find.

Maybe a laker I found.

On Monday Rick & Peggy & Bonnie and Joel left for home. Dennis & Janice & Randy & I where the last ones left there at camp. We left the next morning for home. Everyone had a great time this weekend. Thank you every one who came up for a great time.